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What was the original name for Memorial Day?

Victory Day
Decoration Day
Remembrance Day
Military History Day

... The holiday was originally established in 1868 as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of war dead with flowers, a tradition that continues today. It was renamed Memorial Day in 1882.


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True or False: Memorial Day has always been celebrated on the last Monday of May.


... False. Memorial Day became a permanent three-day weekend after the National Holiday Act of 1971. Before then, it was celebrated each year on May 30.


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In 1966, Congress and President Lyndon Johnson decalred what city the official "birthplace" of Memorial Day?

Waterloo, NY
Columbus, GA
Boalsberg, PA
Carbondale, IL

... Although approximately 25 places have been connected with the origin of Memorial Day - many of then in the South, where most of the Civil War dead are buried - Waterloo was given the "official" birthplace status, based on a community-wide observance that occured there on May 5, 1866.


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True or False: Memorial Day is celebrated on one day, nationwide, every year.


... False. Many Southern states have their own day to remember fallen Confederate soldiers from the Civil War, separate from the national observance of Memorial Day.


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True or False: The crowd attending the first observance of Memorial Day at Arlington National Ceremony in 1868 was approximately the same size as it is today.


... True. About 5,000 people attended in 1868 to place flowers and small American flags on each grace, the same amount as currently attended each year.


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True or False: Memorial Day was established to honor all of America's war dead.


... False. After World War I, the holiday was expanded to honor those who died in all American Wars.


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True of False: The American flag should be flown at half-staff all day to honor war dead on Memorial Day.


... According to the department of Veterans Affairs, on Memorial Day the American flag should be flown at half-staff from sunrise until noon, and then raised at the top of the staff until sunset.


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"Taps," the bugle call played at military funeral ceremonies, was originally played for what purpose?

To signal the changing of the guard
To honor a fallen soldier at a a military funeral
To signal the end of each military day
To signal a victory on the battlefield

... "Taps" is derived from the French army's bugle call "Tattoo," which notified soldiers to end the evening's drinking and return to their barracks. In addition to being played at military funerals, "Taps" is still played to signal "lights out" at the end of each day.


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In "Flanders Fields," the poem that made the poppy famous as a flower of remembrance, was written during which war?

Civili War
War of 1812
World War I
World War II

... World War I Col. John McCrae, a surgeon with Canada's First Brigade Artillery, wrote the poem after witnessing the poppies growing on the "row on row" of graces on Flanders' battlefields.


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The National Moment of Remembrance Act, passed in 2000, encourages all Americans to do what at 3pm local time each Memorial Day?

Salute the American flag
Plant a poppy flower
Observe one minute of silence
Decorate the grave of a fallen soldier

... The act states that observing one minute of silence will "encouragethe people of the United States to give something back to their country, which provides them with so much freedom and opportunity."


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