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Sunday October 26

9:00 AM

60 min.

Baghdad: Thunder Runs


2003, In what would become one of the most brutal and decisive battles of the Iraq war, a battalion of tanks punches a hole right into the heart of Saddam Hussein's Baghdad. They are the first Mechanised force to enter a capitol city since WWII.

10:00 AM

60 min.

Kandahar: Against All Odds


36 U.S Special forces face a Taliban insurgence 5 times their size. Facing I.E.Ds , RPG’s and vicious counter attacks they fight for their lives to take the hill of Sperwan Ghar, as control of the hill is control of Kandahar.

11:00 AM

60 min.

Fallujah: The Taking of Terror Central


Operation Phantom Fury was meant to be a 48 hour battle but insurgents, armed with IEDs and a stockpile of grenades are fighting back. US forces face one of the toughest urban conflicts since Vietnam as they try to reclaim the city.