About Against the Odds

Still from American Heroes Channel

Against the Odds on American Heroes Channel showcases awe-inspiring stories of bravery, solidarity and strength on the battlefield. An outnumbered group of soldiers finds themselves in a life-or-death situation. Their enemy is larger, stronger, and determined to win. It’s the real-life “Band of Brothers” as they come together to prove they can’t be beat, doing whatever it takes to overcome the cards stacked against them.


The Marines at Hue

The Battle of Hue City is the site of one of the Vietnam War’s fiercest battles. Three understrength U.S. Marine battalions attacked and soundly defeated entrenched enemy troops, liberating Hue for South Vietnam. This episode tells the stories of the young men of Alpha, Fox, Golf and Hotel Companies who fought and recaptured Hue City.

Bloody George: In the Company of Heroes

This is the untold true story of “Bloody George,” an understrength, undermanned, Marine rifle company, hastily called to serve their country in 1950 at the start of the Korean War. As the war turned apocalyptic, a cruel twist of fate awaited Bloody George. Their small numbers would face overwhelming enemies, in barbaric battles of carnage, from the invasion of Inchon, to the bloody street battles of Seoul and the frozen hell of the Chosin. They would endure unimaginable horrors as they desperately fought in hand-to-hand combat to save their fellow brothers trapped by a merciless enemy. Their courage would be legendary, their fight, epic. Their valor and sacrifice would forever change the course of the war. But few would survive.

Those Damned Engineers

In December of 1944, the seemingly defeated Germans secretly mustered 600,000 battle-hardened troops into an all-out offensive to capture Antwerp, the heart of the Allied supply chain. But thanks to those “Damned Engineers,” the Germans never get to Antwerp.

A Chance in Hell: The Battle of Ramadi

When Colonel MacFarland arrived in Iraq's deadliest city, the odds could not have been worse. Al-Qaeda had arrogantly declared Ramadi, capital of a new caliphate. The boys of MacFarland’s Ready First Combat Team would fight to give America a clear victory.

The Heroes of Tarawa

Everything went wrong in America’s first test of whether the Japanese-held islands of the Pacific could be captured by across-the-beach infantry assaults. But, the march back from Pearl Harbor had to begin and the testing ground would be heavily fortified Tarawa – which a Japanese commander proclaimed to his emperor that, “Tarawa could not be taken by a million men in a million years.”

The Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill

Taking an otherwise nondescript hill on the embattled island of Okinawa proved to be one of the most incredible battles of WWII. The young weary marines of Charlie Company strained against the searing Pacific sun to see the top of Sugar Loaf Hill.