The Battle I'll Never Forget


The Battle I'll Never Forget

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In this one-hour special presented in partnership with AARP, The Battle I'll Never Forget brings back to life some of the most critical battles in American warfare history, told by soldiers who lived to tell the harrowing tales of the brave men and women who fought on the ground, in the sky, and on the seas. These first-person accounts feature action from The Battle of Surigao Sea in the Pacific during WWII, Ia Drang in Vietnam, and Tal Afar in Iraq.

The First Time I Felt Fear at Ia Drang

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Tony Nadal recounts leading an assault at LZ X-Ray during the Battle of Ia Drang and having to call in smoke to help conceal his company's movements because they were so exposed. The shells that landed were filled with white phosphorous, which could burn through your skin.

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