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Actor David Niven, who starred in The Guns of Navarone and The Pink Panther, served in the British army during World War II. His batman, or personal assistant, was a young private who was also an aspiring actor. Who was he?

Richard Attenborough
Peter Ustinov
Alec Guinness
Rex Harrison

... Richard Attenborough and Rex Harrison were in the Royal Air Force, while Alec Guinness was in the Royal Navy. However, it was Peter Ustinov who served as David Niven’s batman in the British army.


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Mustard gas is synonymous with World War I, but during World War II one European city accidentally fell victim to the poisonous gas. What city was it?

Bari, Italy
Groneigen, Holland
St. Quentin, France
Seelow Heights, Germany

... The U.S. had mustard gas in stockpiled near their key supply center in Bari, Italy, just in case the Germans decided to engage in chemical warfare. But German bombers attacked the city, and many ships sank in the harbor there. One of the ships, the John Harvey, was carrying the poisonous gas.


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How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknown Soldier?


... The 21 steps are meant to allude to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary.


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How many people were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their service in the Vietnam War?


... Of the 239 awards, 155 were awarded to members of the Army, 57 to Marines, 15 to Navy and 12 to Air Force personnel.


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What is the nickname for the version of the standard medium M-240 machine gun used by the U.S. Army?

240 Alpha
240 Bravo
240 Golf
240 Hotel

... The U.S. Army's infantry version of the M-240 is often called "240 Bravo" simply because the model's formal designation is 240B. Other versions include the type used by the U.S. Marines designated the 240G or "240 Golf" and a new lighter version that carries the nickname "240 Hotel."


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Who said, "In war there can be no substitute for victory"?

Douglas MacArthur
President George W. Bush
Sun Tzu
Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

... The quote comes from Gen. Douglas MacArthur's famous address to Congress on April 19, 1951


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Which tank in the Korean conflict carried the largest main gun?

The British Centurion
The Soviet-made T-34/85
The American M-46 Patton
The American M-26 Pershing

... Introduced in 1945 and seeing combat for decades after, the Centurion was armed with a 105 mm L7 rifled gun, among other things.


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Top-scoring American ace of the Korean War, Air Force Capt. Joseph McConnell was also the first “triple ace,” shooting down three MIG-15s in a single day. What was his final tally of aerial victories?


... Capt. McConnell scored a total of 16 victories flying F-86 Sabres. Tragically, he died in a test-flight accident in August 1954, but the next year Hollywood immortalized him with a movie celebrating his career. The McConnell Story stars Alan Ladd as the Korean War hero.


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American troop build-up in Vietnam started in 1961, but the first deaths occurred early. How many pre-1961 deaths are listed on the Vietnam War Memorial?


... When Air Force Tech Sgt. Richard B Fitzgibbon Jr. was added to the wall in 1999, he became the ninth pre-1961 Vietnam War death listed on the Vietnam War Memorial. OSS (Office of Strategic Services) Major A. Peter Dewey was killed in Vietnam in Sept. 26, 1945, but he is not recognized on the memorial.


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The Enola Gay is famous as the B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, but what was the name of the bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki three days later?

Adams Ape
Peggy Sue

... The Bockscar (sometimes Bock's Car or Bocks Car) dropped "Fat Man” over Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Nagasaki wasn’t the original target. The bomb was supposed to be dropped on Kokura, but the city was shrouded in smog at the time.


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An M-1A2 Abrams tank achieves what gas mileage?

0.6 miles per gallon
1 mile per gallon
5 miles per gallon
20 miles per gallon

... The Abrams’ powerful gas-turbine engine provides a top speed of 45 mph, but the vehicle can consume 60 gallons per hour traveling cross-country. Ensuring the timely resupply of gas is a key aspect of U.S. armored operations.


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What was the Second Battle of Fallujah code named?

Operation Phantom Fury
Operation Vigilant Reserve
Operation Maghrib, or Operation Sunset.

... An estimated 10,000-15,000 American troops launched Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah on November 8, 2004.


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