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At 7:53 am on Sunday, December 7, 1941, the world changed. See how much you know about the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Hawaii was not yet a state on Dec. 7, 1941, so no U.S. states were attacked during World War II.


... Japanese submarines fired at both Fort Stevens in Oregon and the Ellwood oil production facilities near Santa Barbara.


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Almost four hours before the air attack on Pearl Harbor began, a U.S. minesweeper ship reported seeing a periscope outside the mouth of the harbor. What was the name of the minesweeper?

USS Pivot
USS Condor
USS Hazard
USS Pirate

... Shortly before 4 a.m. local time, the USS Condor spotted a Japanese midget submarine at the entrance of Pearl Harbor. The destroyer USS Ward went in search of the sub, but couldn’t find it right away.


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What ship fired the first American shots during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The USS Ward
The USS Panay
he USS Virginia
The USS Nevada

... While the USS Ward couldn’t find the midget sub she was after right away, the destroyer did sink a Japanese submarine a little after 6:30 a.m., making those shots the first American shots fired in the war in the Pacific.


Question 4 of 10

The first Japanese prisoner of war was captured during the attack on Pear Harbor. What was his name?

Kazuo Sakamaki
Mitsuo Fuchida
Oda Nobunaga
Matsuura Masato

... The other nine sailors on Kazuo Sakamaki’s small submarine died in the attack, but Sakamaki survived and was captured. On the eighth anniversary of the attack, he published a memoir, “I Attacked Pearl Harbor.”


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The architect who designed the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor had been detained in an internment camp during the war.


... Honolulu architect Alfred Preis was held at Sand Island for three months at the start of the war. The U.S. government declared Preis an enemy of the country because he had been born in Austria.


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How many people were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their service during the attack on Pearl Harbor?


... There were 15, of which 10 individuals received the award posthumously. Of the five survivors, one was killed in action 11 months after the events at Pearl Harbor. Today, only one recipient of the medal is still living.


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How many aircraft were destroyed during the attack on Pearl Harbor?


... During the attack, 217 planes were destroyed – 155 U.S. planes and 29 Japanese.


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U.S. aircraft carriers were a main target for the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, but no carriers were damaged. Why not?

The Enterprise and Lexington were too well guarded; the Japanese couldn’t get close enough.
Contrary to what the Japanese believed, there were no carriers assigned to the Pacific Fleet at that time.
The Enterprise and Lexington were both in dry dock at the time of the attack.
The Enterprise and Lexington were ferrying soldiers to and from Wake and Midway islands during the attack.

... The carriers were hundreds of miles away from Pearl Harbor at the time of the attacks, as they were taking soldiers to Wake and Midway. The Enterprise should have been back at Pearl by Dec. 7th, but her return was delayed due to bad weather.


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After the attack, Congress unanimously voted to declare war on Japan.


... Jeannette Rankin, a Republican from Montana, cast the only dissenting vote. She was the first woman elected to Congress and a lifelong pacifist.


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Investigations conducted after the attack said U.S. commanders at Pearl were blameless and couldn’t have done anything to prevent the attacks.


... The Pacific Fleet commander and Army commanders were both relieved of their commands shortly after being accused of ‘’dereliction of duty.’’ They were exonerated in 1999.


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